Friday, May 6, 2011

Ineffective Metaphors: File #1

     Farmers in Missouri are pissed.  The Army Corps of Engineers protected farmers in Illinois by blowing up a levee to let the swollen Mississippi relieve itself all over more than 200 square miles of lowland Missouri. 
     "There is no justification for this," farmer Gary Wilson told St. Louis Today.
      Clearly Wilson's remark was made before Army Corps of Engineers Spokesperson Lisa Coghlan addressed the public explaining the need to blow up the levee.  "It's like having one big fish bowl and then having another fish bowl that can obtain some of the water to draw off of the other fish bowl," Coghlan explained.
     I think the Corps of Engineers should publicly release the identity of the school of public relations that Coghlan attended in order to avert similar public relations catastrophes in the future.

One of the farms in the "fishbowl" that's getting drained into.

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