Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Mad Middle: Putting politics in its place

   If conservatives had their Tea Party and liberals had their Occupy movement, it's time for people in the middle to get mad and make their voice heard. 
     First, moderates need to demand that elected officials actually govern.  Enough with the constant political stances; enough with the concern about “ideological purity.”  I have complete scorn for a politician who has no ability to cooperate with people who have a different point-of-view.  If you’re elected to govern, then go ahead and govern. Reach across the aisle, act like a grown-up, and make things work.
    Second, as voters we need to stop acting so Democratic and so Republican. I have seen exactly two yards in this city (mine and my dad’s) that have signs supporting candidates from more than one political party.  And we wonder why politicians never appeal to the middle?  If we, as voters, start crossing party lines to elect reasonable people from the other side, we can create an incentive for politicians to steal moderate voters and we can turn the tide of extremism.
     Most moderates are normal people, many with families, who can’t afford a month in their RV following Sarah Palin or a month in a tent harassing bankers.  But we can make time to vote; and when we do we need to reject the yahoos that appeal to the fringes on either side and start rebuilding political bodies with a healthy respect for compromise.

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